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The Bottle Accessories

Cooler Bag Cooler Belt Sport Sacks

The Cooler Bag comes complete with front pocket, adjustable shoulder strap, zippered bottle hood. Available for 500 ml, 1 litre and 1.5 litre bottles.

  • WACCS-CBG0-500G - Green 500ml. Cooler Sack w/strap
  • WACCS-CBG0-500U - Blue 500ml. Cooler Sack w/strap
  • WACCS-CBG1-000B - Black 1L Cooler Bag
  • WACCS-CBG1-000G - Green 1L Cooler Bag
  • WACCS-CBG1-500U - Blue 1.5L Cooler Bag
  • WACCS-CBG1-500B - Black 1.5L Cooler Bag

The Cooler Belt comes complete with 2 bottle pouches, 2 inside pockets, 1 outer pocket and 1 large carrying compartment. Small enough to be comfortable, large enough to be practical and available in 4 stylish colours.

  • WACCS-CBLT-000B - Black Cooler Belt
  • WACCS-CBLT-000G - Green Cooler Belt
  • WACCS-CBLT-000O - Orange Cooler Belt
  • WACCS-CBLT-000U - Blue Cooler Belt

Fits 64oz. bottles
Heavy-duty adjustable carrying strap
Zip-up pocket with protective flap

  • WACCS-SSK0-64ZB - Black Sport Sack holds 64OZ Bottle
  • WACCS-SSK0-64ZG - Green Sport Sack holds 64OZ Bottle
  • WACCS-SSK0-64ZN - Navy Blue Sport Sack holds 64OZ Bottle
  • WACCS-SSK0-64ZR - Red Sport Sack holds 64OZ Bottle