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Glacier Water Cooler

The Glacier Cooler has a contemporary rounded cabinet with a stylish fluted front and is available in Black, Granite or White with optional bottle cover. 5 year compressor warranty.

  • WCLGE-C2WT-W1C0 Glacier Cooler Std Lid Cook&Cold, White PLASTIC RES.
  • WCLGE-G2WT-W1C0 Glacier Cooler w/Crystal Guard,C&C, White
  • WCLGS-G2WT-W1C0 Glacier Cooler,CrystalGuard,C&C,White,S.S.Res
  • WCLGS-G2WH-W1SC Glacier Cooler,w/CrystalGuard,H&C,White,S.S.Res.
  • WCLGE-G2WH-W1SC Glacier Cooler w/Crystal Guard,H&C, White
  • WCLGE-D2KT-K18C Black Glacier Cooler, Cook&Cold, w/Dryguard 1
  • WCLGE-D2KH-K18C Black Glacier Cooler, Hot&Cold, w/Dryguard 1
  • WCLGE-G2RT-R1C0 Glacier Cooler w/Crystal Guard,C&C, Granite
  • WCLGS-G2RT-R18C Glacier Cooler, Cook&Cold, Granite,S.S.Res. W/C.G.
  • WCLGE-G2RH-R1SC Glacier Cooler w/Crystal Guard,H&C,Granite
  • WCLEG-D2WT-W1AC Energy Star Glacier Cooler, White, C&C, w/DryGuard 1
  • WCLEG-D2WH-W1AC Energy Star Glacier Cooler, White, H&C, w/DryGuard 1
  • WCLEG-D2RT-R1AC Energy Star Glacier Cooler, Granite, C&C, w/DryGuard 1
  • WCLEG-D2RH-R1AC Energy Star Glacier Cooler, Granite, H&C, w/DryGuard 1
  • WCLRS-BCGC-C00W Glacier Bottle Cover, China White
  • WCLRS-POUC-1084 Point of Use Kit - Glacier - Granite, SUBC-100084