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Glacier Filtered POU Water Cooler

Equipped with an easy change filter system this Glacier Water Cooler offers high quality filtered water. The filter system contained in the cooler is Certified NSF 42 & 53. This system reduces cysts, lead, chlorine, taste & odor.


  • Rear inlet connection
  • Easy to connect to feed water line
  • Rear outlet connection
  • Ideal for feeding Coffee and Ice Machines, counter top faucet, or even a second POU Cooler
  • Water Shut Off Valve
  • Easy Change Filter System
  • Makes filter changes simple and spill free.
  • WCLGE-P2WH-WFSC Glacier Cooler w/POU Filter System,H&C, White
  • WCLGE-P2WT-WFSC Glacier Cooler w/POU Filter System, C&C, White