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Cooler Parts

  • CLPT-SUBC-0114 Silicone Heater 450w 120v w/stats & lead wires
  • WCLPT-ELEC-0020 Thermostat Reset ELE-C000020
  • WCLPT-ELEC-0021 Thermostat Cutout ELE-C000021
  • WCLPT-ELEC-0051 Mica Band Htr Only for C/MTN Hot Tank 450w 120v
  • WCLPT-ELEC-0053 Thermostat-Hot Tank - Auto Cutout - 87C
  • WCLPT-ELEC-0054 Thermostat-Manual Reset - 95C
  • WCLPT-ELEC-0100 On/off switch for hot element
  • WCLPT-PLC0-0952 Reservoir, 2 holes, Series 6 PLC-C000095
  • WCLPT-SMT0-0128 Hot Tank #7 Water Coolers SMT-C000128
  • WCLPT-PLC0-134C Reservoir, Plastic 2 holes in bottom PLC-C000134C
  • WCLPT-SUBW-0420 #3 Elbow Kit
  • WCLPT-SMT0-0134 Hot Tank C/M Water Coolers (C-195 resvr) SMT-C000134
  • WCLPT-SUBC-0185 Relay and Cut-Out Kit for Tecumseh Compressors
  • WCLPT-SUBC-0190 Black POU Lid for Glacier Coolers
  • WCLPT-REFC-0021 Cold Control - All Standard Coolers
  • WCLPT-PLC0-114U Drip Tray, Blue (for Alpine) not available USE 121T
  • WCLPT-PLC0-121T Drip Tray, Granite (for Alpine)
  • WCLPT-PLC0-115W Drip Tray Grill, White (for Alpine)
  • WCLPT-PLC1-189B Avalanche Drip Tray Black PLC-C1000189
  • WCLPT-PLC0-162B Drip Tray, Black(for Glacier) PLC-C000162
  • WCLPT-PLC0-101W Drip Tray Grill, White (for Glacier)
  • WCLPT-PLC0-186B Mogul Drip Tray Black PLC-C000186
  • WCLPT-PLC0-187T Mogul Drip Tray Granite
  • WCLPT-PLC1-049U Summit Drip Tray Chrome PLC-C100049
  • WCLPT-PLC0-168T Mirage Drip Tray, Granite
  • WCLPT-PLC0-010W Drip Tray White for Cascade
  • WCLPT-PLC0-012W Drip Tray Grill, White(for Cascade)