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Water, The Source Of Life

Water; The source of life. Our body is made up of primarily water. It has been found that 75% of people are chronically-dehydrated. The side-effects of being dehydrated are drastic; even mild dehydration can slow metabolism by as much as 3%. Dehydration can also cause fatigue, back and joint pain as well as many other issues. Find out more on water here, and what we can do to improve your life through the power of water.

Maintain Water Quality for Quality of Life

Few things are as important to a healthy lifestyle as an abundance of clear, pure water for drinking and cooking. Unfortunately, all water supplies contain trace amounts of chemicals, bacteria, algae and other substances. There are also concerns about lead used to make solder joints in copper pipes, asbestos from municipal water supply pipes and the addition of chlorine and fluoride to drinking water. Blue Moon Water & Geothermal offers a number of water solutions that can ensure you and your family are getting only the purest water possible!

Water Quality On The Go Or At Home

Sometimes using a specialized water-quality product isn't available or isn't a solution for one reason or another. Available in various sizes, we offer our award-winning water in a bottled-form. From cooler-sized bottles to the convienient individual-serving bottle, we have a size to suit your needs.


Water Treatment

Smelly Water

Smelly Water maybe caused by various reasons. The most common smelly water has a rotten egg smell, which is caused by hydrogen-sulfide in the water.

This is removed by several different methods.

  • Chlorine injection
  • Carbon filters
  • Air injection, or
  • Green Sand filters

Each has its own characteristics in removing certain elements belonging to the hydrogen-sulfide gas (rotten egg smell).





We would like to announce as a clarification of information that our bottles are indeed BPA-free. We pride ourselves on providing a way to maintain a healthy lifestyle and would like to continue doing so for years to come.





Question: What is the total amount of water used to manufacture a new car, including new tires?
Answer: 39,090 gallons per car


Question: True or False? Water is the only substance found on earth naturally in three forms (solid, liquid, and gas)
Answer: True

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